Sinner Cycle:

Industrial washing can be broken into four separate elements that work harmoniously to produce clean by products: Detergent, Mechanical action, Temperature and Time. How these elements are applied determines the quantity of water needed. By increasing the mechanical action and temperature to well beyond the industry standard, the Multiwasher is able to cut down on the detergent, time, energy and water needed for clean results.

Insulated Cabin:

The Multiwasher is a completely sealed off and safe system. Access to the interior of the equipment is obtained through a watertight door equipped with a magnetic sensor that identifies opening/closing modes, ensuring the equipment does not work with the door open. 

Inside the equipment there is a rotating platform for a total homogeneous washing, rinsing and centrifugation of both trolleys and utensils. This, in addition to higher pressure, higher temperature, and high- and low-pressure washers, eliminates the need for prewashing and post drying.

Cycle Times:

The Multiwasher increases temperature and pressure to well beyond the industry standard, in turn decreasing cycle times. This also allows for less water, detergent and energy consumption.

Twenty Programs:

The Multiwasher is capable of running over 20 different programs catered to different types of equipment as well as different types of dirt/build up.